Why I wanna be a Digital Artist / Retoucher and not only a Photographer

No. 1     You know your camera well and know how to operate it day/night in full manual. Your know composition and stuff. Maybe you have also got some clients, who pay you some money and you know some basic stuff about photo editing. Good at this point I would say that you are a Photographer. If the term pro photographer is right I don’t know.

No. 2   You have some basic photography skills or maybe zero, but since you are really good in photo editing software since you were a kid, you have great skills in drawing like in Photoshop….etc. At this point you would probably call yourself Photoshop expert or “software… expert”. Professionals who are great in photography and in post call themselves Digital Artist/Re Toucher.


I see for myself that by combining these two learned skills by book, workshops, internet (e.g. blogs and YouTube) that I can take a step further of being a creative.

What I want to say is that being a good photographer is all right, but it is not going to get you any heavy attention in the current digital world. Combing No. 1 and 2 is the key to express yourself. At least this is the situation in my point of view for now.


I hope that I can combine these two methods in the future!

Thx for your time.


Here some examples of great photographers/digital artist Iam talking about.