Mathan Kesavan is a self-thought travel photographer who likes to take pictures of landscapes, cities and its people.


I first came in contact with photography at the age of 11 where my dad bought me a point and shoot film Olympus camera, cause he didn’t want to give me his trusty Olympus om SLR. After that I didn’t shoot for long time and my passion started again after I spared a lot of pocket money and bought my first digital canon ixus 430 and later on a power shot pro 70 which my uncle gave me. At that time I still had no idea about aperture, shutter speed etc. but I had fun again to travel and to point and shoot. After visiting Photokina Köln in 2008 I knew, if I seriously wanted to take pictures I needed an SLR camera (or now even a mirror less camera), where I had full manual control over exposure. I must also admit that internet pages like Flickr reawakened my passion. After that I bought a Pentax k200d with a Tamron 17-50 F 2.8. Currently I own a Nikon D800 with some nice glass and other nice goodies.

It is for sure that the guy behind the camera does create the shot, but some of you will agree that owning nice gear is fun too!


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